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Can anyone identify this 'spur cutting' that was brought to me by a friend. The intention was not to propagate it but simply identify it. Apparently the parent bush/shrub is about 6 feet high and covered in these small inflorescences all on about 6 inch long twiglets. I could possibly travel to her home to take a photo of the entire thing, she is elderly and can't do it herself, but it is several miles so I hope some GOYer can recognise it from this.





14 Jun, 2012


That was my thought too Cammomile

14 Jun, 2012


Same here, will you try to root it Sarra?

14 Jun, 2012


I'll try Pam but it is always more difficult, but not impossible, when something is in flower so if it doesn't work I will get her to bring a couple more spur cuttings later in the year. Fortunately she may not be into computers and digital cameras but is a very competent gardener. Thank you all folks, I will tell her what it is, I am sure she will be happy to know and so am I if I get to grow one.

14 Jun, 2012


Snipping the flowers off may help but the woos will be soft I suppose, its a lovely colour

14 Jun, 2012

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