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why does the buds turn yellow and drop off before flowering

rojales, Spain Es

My passion flower has grown profusely with more buds then ever before. However only one or two buds actually flower and the rest just drop off.

On plant Passiflora foetida




Sometimes Valerie1 the passiflora foetida that's grown from seed will do this - they do not flower properly. Was yours grown from seed?

13 May, 2009


No this was not grown from seed but was bought from a nursery. Last year it was covered in blooms and I cut it back in the Winter and it has grown vigorously and has even more buds than last year. One or two are buds are blooming but a lot of them are going yellow and dropping off.

I would very much like to get this sorted out because it is a beautiful plant.

Thank you

14 May, 2009

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