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Help please. My 13ft Cordyline has sprouted

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My 13ft cordyline has sprout what i can only describe as a stem of over size wheat ears. Is it ok to cut out or should i leave it? I have been advised to cut it out as it will distaught the shape of the tree.



this sounds like a flower spike. if you want to see the flowers leave it, if you only want foliage remove it. you could leave it this year and if you like it great and if you dont remove it with no harm done.
welcome to GoY too

12 May, 2009


beat me to it. finally something i could answer lol. it does sound like the flowers to me

12 May, 2009


its nice to have my thoughts confirmed though nstressful.

12 May, 2009


Seaburngirl is Absaloutly right, i would just like to add, i left my first flower on to see what it was like and i didn't like it at all, but the bee's loved it, so for that reason i leave them on, once they turn brown i cut them off..

12 May, 2009

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