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when is the best time to buy and plant autumn flowering chyrsathamums? i quite like bronze colour ones.thanks



Right now

15 Jun, 2012


It's getting a bit late now, in my opinion they should have planted out a month ago!

Having said that if you can get some decent sized plants get them in ASAP.

Who know what the weather may bring!

Chrysanthemum flowering is governed by day length so if we get an " Indian summer" or any summer for that matter, you might succeed in flowering them.

But all will not be lost if the don't flower this year you can get them prepared for next year.

See here;

15 Jun, 2012


The best time to plant them is mid to late spring, when the new shoots are growing vigorously, but aren't yet more than 15 cm tall. It may be more difficult to find them then, though, compared with the fall, when they bloom. Planting them then may require extra attention to frost protection the first year, especially in the colder parts of the UK. Planting forced ones from the florist is a possibility, though the varieties the florists use sometimes wait too long after the fall equinox to bloom.

15 Jun, 2012


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15 Jun, 2012

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