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anemone blanda left in the ground?

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

hi everybody. i have a lot of anemone in my garden which have flowered but are now flowerless, do i take them out and store them or can they be left in the ground until next year. scousemonk.(john.)

On plant Anemone blanda



Leave them in the ground. With any luck, they will start to self seed and you will have even more of them next year

12 May, 2009


If you want to sow the seeds in pots rather than waiting for them to sow naturally, take them as soon as they will come off, even if they are still green. Sow immediately in ordinary compost and leave outside in safe place until Spring when they should germinate.

12 May, 2009


This is very interesting 2 read ,If the Seeds are sown this yr will they flower Next 4 sure as i thought Bulbs take time to Flower ? Many Thanx Jac

12 May, 2009


Anenome Blanda has a tuber-like store underground. I dug one up a while ago and was amazed at the size it had got to. It looked a bit like a truffle and was about the size of an egg. When I planted them several years back they were about the size of a broad bean. This is how it has increased underground. There is no need to lift them (unless you grow it in a pot and want to repot it in some fresh compost). Underground is the place for them. Once they've been planted they can just be left to nature. I've had excellent flowers on them this year. They're lovely things aren't they. I grow the white one. Kind regards, JONATHAN H.

13 May, 2009


Jacque, I think you missed what Owdboggy meant he did not say they would 'flower' next year he said they would 'germinate' i.e. start to grow... Personally I'd let them self seed as they do so very readily, you can then move the corms to where you want them to grow once they are flowering size. They look great massed in an area especially under trees.

13 May, 2009


Thanx 4 the Explanation MoonG i understand now :)x

13 May, 2009


thank you, ANDREWR,OWDBOGGY,JACQUE,JONATHAN and MOONGROWER. i think i will leave them as they are, no use making work for myself, her in doors gives me enough to do. regards; scousemonk.(john)

13 May, 2009


John you are more than welcome... just put up a pix of all the anemone blanda one of these days :-)

13 May, 2009

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