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Protea Plant

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I have a protea plant 3 years its stasting to bush out from base main stem about 2feet any idea how long it might take to flower? I have tried to put a photo but I am told the picture is too large.HELP I have put 2 pictures in without any trouble same camera



Is it in a pot inside or out or planted out in the garden?
Unless you live in the hottest parts of the UK you may not get a flower on it as the bud develops over Winter and will suffer from frost if it is outside. It is pot luck really, I have a photo of an open one which is planted in the Botanical Gardens in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, but the climate there is much warmer than the rest of the country. These flowers originate from S. Africa so you will be lucky to get a flower unless you bring it indoors during the Winter.

17 May, 2009


The Protea is in a pot sits against patio windows has all morning sun. I feed with Protea food. Its about 2ft high with three branches from base all making new leaves. I live in Worthing Sussex on the coast usually quite a good climate (except last winter) . Thanks for information Thanks

18 May, 2009


I think you will just have to be patient, it forms a bud, but that takes ages to open and it needs to be out of frost during the colder months. It may be a good idea to bring it in if it develops a bud over winter.

19 May, 2009


Thanks I hve put a photo of the crown I must wait and see. When it is very frosty it goes into the greenhouse. It is supposed to be able to stand a frost of 5dgs. I see I am not far from you on the I o W . Thanks Pollyanna

19 May, 2009

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