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Hello again folks - does anyone know how to take cuttings from Forest Flame (if you can at all!) I want to pinch some from my mums garden!



Hi, you can take softwood cuttings now, or semi ripe cuttings later in the summer, take a non flowered shoot of this years growth, with about 3-5 pairs of leaves, cut just below a leaf joint,{node} and remove the bottom 2 pairs of leaves, put them into a pot with a good cutting compost, about half their length, ideally they should be put in a mist unit or propagator with a little bottom heat to give a temperature of 65- 74 deg f, if this is not possible, water them and allow to drain, then place them in a polythene bag, with some sort of framework to prevent the bag touching the leaves of the cuttings,{I find 2 pieces of wire bent into a u shape and inserted into the pot works quite well} seal the bag and place in a bright place, but not in direct sunshine, check periodically that the pot hasn,t dried out, you should see signs of new growth in about 4-6 weeks, when well rooted pot up into individual pots and grow on in a cold frame for 1-2 years before planting out in permanent position, Derek

16 Jun, 2012


Look up "air layering". Whatever you do, they're not the easiest things to take cuttings from

16 Jun, 2012


Thanks for the info - very clear! I'll give it a go, there's nothing to lose (the cutting will be free!) and a couple of years growth will probably be enough time for me to get the front garden in order! haha! :)
I was asking about Forest Flame as i thought it's suitable for shade - but i've read somewhere else that it's only good for partial shade...? Basically the front of my house is north facing, and while it would get enough "light" i.e it wouldn't be hidden under a larger plant or anything it wouldn't get much direct sun (perhaps an hour or two in summer)... would this still be suffiecient?

Ta muckers! :)

17 Jun, 2012


Sorry nickynook, but I don,t think north facing would be a good position as they like a bit more sun, and should be protected from cold winds, Derek.

17 Jun, 2012


eeee, by eck... I'll try something else then! Might stick the forest flame in the back then! (once i shift the forsythia!)

Thanks for letting me know :)

17 Jun, 2012


One of my Forest Flames is against a north facing wall,Nicky,and has been there happily for the past 10 years.granted,it is a garden wall,and not a house it does get some light and sunshine..but there is a slatted fence above the wall too..This was a layered cutting from my other,which faces South west...but not much different as far as growth is concerned..

29 Jun, 2012

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