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By Gunner

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what do I do with my bulbs now that they are out of the ground



Why are they out of the ground?! They should still be in the ground now, building themselves up for next year. If you've already dug them up, I'm afraid they almost certainly will not be any good next year. Compost heap.

13 May, 2009


Shove them back in somewhere, in a pot, in the ground, feed and water immediately.

13 May, 2009


Hi Gunner as Mims says get back into a pot or the ground asap and feed and water, they need to be left until all the foliage has died down before you do anything with them. Personally I never lift bulbs from the garden, just leave them where they are from one year to the next, this gives the bulbs a chance to Bulk up so you have even more flower power the following year. Good luck and I hope they survive!

13 May, 2009


you should leave them in the ground except tulips dry tulips out clean the bulbs and store for next november then plant on a bed of gravel or sand. if the other ones have dried out too much clean them up and store for next year they will not flower next year but they will grow bigger and then flower the next year

13 May, 2009

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