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evergreen trees for half barrels


By Zeus

I look out on my shaded decking area which is backed by the 2 storey wall of a neighbour's barn.(black painted wood). What bright, tallish evergreen trees can I plant in 2 half barrels to break up the black wall up? I live in the south-east.



its a must for a couple of weeping silver birch with the green leaves and the lovley thinking you want to hide the 2 storeis.the trouble is that would be quite a tree youl need so it wont go in a get very big pots for the trees i mentioned to make the most of them.maybe a verigated acer tree to but again it would need a massive pot.i hope ive bean of help bye for now

13 May, 2009


oops i missed the evergreen bit lol but still the same problem.theres only conifers and trust me you dont want leylandi there .

13 May, 2009


There are a lot of conifers that will grow in the tubs... go down to your local garden centre and take a look. Juniper sky rocket would be one, some of the Abes... the world is your oyster

13 May, 2009


what about ornamental bay?

13 May, 2009

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