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Runner beans are not germinating just found maggots in the pots - how do I stop this?



How damp was the soil? I always try and start off veg in the house or in a frame/greenhouse as that allows more controlled environment and higher germination rate than if planted directly. I think the maggots are in the pot as it is too wet and the seed rotted.

17 Jun, 2012


Thank you very much will pass that onto my hubby

17 Jun, 2012


There are maggots and there are maggots. Did you use old compost? If so a possibility is vine weevil and they have a reddish coloured head. Other maggots could be feeding on already rotting materials even seeds.

This year though, I have had problems with broad beans and french beans, which have reached a certain maturity and then keeled over or not germinated at all. If the compost is wet as well, as Kildermoire asks, you could be over watering, something I have a habit of doing.

17 Jun, 2012

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