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I was in a garden last week where there were some nice Geraniums & I was wondering if anybody could id them for me.

Will post a new question with a few more photos on these Geraniums.

On plant Geranium

Geranium_unknown_variety_in_alexander_s_garden_13_06_2012_001.jpg Geranium_unknown_variety_in_alexander_s_garden_13_06_2012_002.jpg Geranium_unknown_variety_in_alexander_s_garden_13_06_2012_003.jpg



Third one, about a couple of feet tall, could be a variety of Geranium phaeum.

17 Jun, 2012


..... called Mourning Widow?

17 Jun, 2012


From the leaves, the top one appears to be Geranium sanguinam of some variety - I can't tell if the flowers are pure white or whether they're marked or lined inside, but it might 'album' if they're pure white. If they're more pale pink with pink veining inside, G. sanguinam var. striatum.
Not sure about the pink one - its hard to tell what height the plants are from the pics.

17 Jun, 2012


I think the leaves on the first one look more like G. Clarkei to me. If they have magenta veins it could be 'Kashmir White'? They do look a lot like the ones I have in my garden as well.

17 Jun, 2012


Thanks everyone for your input! As they are not on my balcony it's not particularly important - I was just curious. I thought I might get a few cuttings & try & root them & then see if I can get them to grow on my balcony. I've often see them but I've never grown any of these Cranesbills myself.

I suppose they won't come true from seed, will they? Perhaps I could get photos of individual flowers when I next visit the garden.

18 Jun, 2012


First one - Kashmir White. Second, lovely with the darker leaves, but pink ones are hard to ID - sorry, I can't be more helpful on that one. Third one, G. phaeum definitely.

Most do come true from seed, by the way, - if they set them! The phaeums can be split, and you could well get seeds from the pink one.

26 Jun, 2012


Thanks very much, Spritz, I was surprised to hear they come true from seed!

27 Jun, 2012


You're welcome. If it's possible, could you please post a close- up of the pink flower as it might give me a clue. I have a useful book with photos of pink Geranium flowers. Oh, and measure the size, too!

27 Jun, 2012


Will post a new question with a few more photos on these Geraniums or I'll lose the uploaded ones. Will put the URL here once done. Here it is:

Thanks in advance! :-))

28 Jun, 2012

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