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Is this a Helichrysum?

Ontario, Canada Ca

I didn't know the name of this plant and asked at another site. I was told it is a Helichrysum, but I can't find any pictures that look like mine. I don't know what the flower looks like yet, so I can't identify it by flower and the flower is what everyone takes a photo of.
I'm trying to find care tips for it.
I've looked around on searches and can't find info on it's care.
If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it :)
Annette in Brantford, Ontario, Canada




Does it have a tall spike of yellow flowers? It could be a Verbascum

14 May, 2009


definitely not helichrysum. I have had a salvia argentia that looks just like this. google the image and see if it is a match. it could also be a Stachys byzantia cant tell the scale though.
welcome to GoY too.

14 May, 2009


Looks like the salvia to me too, Seaburngirl. Strokeable.

14 May, 2009


Thank you everyone. I'll do some searches for the names you have given me.
When I get a chance I could drive back out to the place I bought it from. Some how I seemed to pick up, probably the only one with out a name tag in the
The lady at the cash till said it likes acidic soil and gets white flower.
I've never googled an image before, I'll have to check that out.
Thank you.I appreciate the help :)

14 May, 2009


googling images is easy. open the google page and in the top left there are a series of tabs, web, images,maps etc.
click on images and the same google box comes up. type in the flower name and click search and a range of pictures comes up. easy once you know how.

i do that with plants too. in fact have a picture to post for the same reason.
welcome to GoY too.

14 May, 2009


Oh, ok, I did do that, but the only name I had for the plant at that time was Helichrysum. (a guess from someone else at another site)
Now I will google the images for the new names given to me here...soon as I get the time. :)
I know it's not lamb's ear because I've had it before and I know when I bought it the name was different
Yes, I did look at the name when I bought it, but I didn't realize that I picked up a plant without a name stick in the pot.
I'll try these names first and if all else fails I'll take a drive back to the place where I got it.
It's a good drive away, but that's the not the problem so much as, I'll want to buy more only have small flower beds and a small bank a desire to buy everything :)

15 May, 2009


I'm on Google right now looking under Stachys byzantia and it appears that Lamb's Ear is in the same family...sorry I didn't know.
I'm still not sure, some of the plants do resemble this plant. I'm stlll searching :)

15 May, 2009


I found out that this is a type of sage.
I forget the name now.
It never did come back.
Grew well the one summer I had it.

10 Sep, 2011

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