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pak choi

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I'm growing pak choi and they have grown about a hands height but now they are flowering - do i cut off the flowers, water them more... help? I want them to grow a bit bigger so i can harvest each plant.



i have had the same problem with mine every year
when they flower thats them shot , my pal grows them
in bulk for the chinese supermarket in belfast he talks
to the buyers its them i get my info from he supplys
300kg per week its a big set up he has using hydrophonics
from the seed to the chinese in 6 weeks the minute they
flower he discards them the chinese wont except them
so i say sow every 3 weeks and introduce them to the wok
before they flower with a little soy,ginger,and garlic but
only for 1 minute bon appetite

14 May, 2009

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