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spraying and keeping blackcurrent in pots


By Miguel

United Kingdom Gb

i have 4 healthy blackcurrent bushes in 35 lt pots using an innes no. 3 type soil/grit/compost mix. They are in pots because they may be moved to a new address late this year. my question is should i spray them? with what? and how often?

On plant Ribes nigrum



i would only spray if you see a problem, its kinder for wildlife and prevents resistance building up in the pest community. Make sure there is some space betwen pots so the air can circulate to prevent fungal infections. dont forget to feed them and when it stops raining to water them well. actuallt check them even if it is raining as a lot of the water wont get to the soil coz of the foliage.
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15 May, 2009


Don't spray unless you must! Good luck with the move...

15 May, 2009


I wouldn't spray as you want to eat the fruit. Net them against birds as otherwise they'll eat all the fruit. Keeping them well watered and fed will help them fight off pests too.

15 May, 2009

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