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When Clematis flowers have faded, and all that;s left is the little fluffy seed head, should these be taken off to promote new flowers or just left on to look pretty.



Hello greenfingers, macropetala is a group 1 but as it has those lovely seed pods on it, I looked on the internet for specialist advice and this is what they advise. "I always suggest they start by growing the earliest-flowering clematis, those in the Atragene Group, which are descended from Clematis alpina and Clematis macropetala. These can do without any pruning for the first few years, and only a little thereafter if they outgrow their allotted space or become woody as they flower on the previous years growth."

15 May, 2009


You could always have a go at growing some from seed. Look at the base of the fluffy bit for the seed. If ripe and fertile then they look a bit like a small apple pip. Nip off the fluffy tail and sow in ordinary compost in a pot and leave somewhere exposed to the weather over winter and they may germinate in spring.

15 May, 2009


Wow Owdboggy, you know I love free plants, this is a great idea. Clematis are easy to grow, I'll have a go. Thank you.

16 May, 2009

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