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little plants coming up all over in garden? can anyone identify them please

Ontario, Canada Ca

Long story short....I lived in a place for 3 years and started a garden during that time, moved away for 4 years and someone I know lived here for those 4 years but didn't do anything with the flower beds.
Now I'm back here and cleaning it up.
I have these little plants coming up all over. I'm going to take some out as they are every where.
I'm going to give some to friends, but have no idea what they are.
All I can tell them is, they like full sun and since they are growing up all over the place, they are obviously a spreader...either by root or seed, not sure.

I had a plant identified in my garden as a Campanula Takesimana and I know they are a fast spreader, but the leaves are these don't look the same.

Can someone identify these little plants that are popping up all over.

I'll put different pictures of these little plants in my profile page of pictures.

Thank you




They look like Lysimachia punctata...the one that has yellow flowers and spreads underground by rhizomes. Is that possible?

15 May, 2009


I think you should find out what they are before you give them away. Plants which spread like that are usually (though not always) thuggish weeds and you could become very unpopular.
Agree with Spritz and if that is the case then definitely you would be unpopular. It is a real thug!.

15 May, 2009


I was thinking of waiting until the Fall to offer them to my friend. Then I can see how tall they grow and what flower they have.
Thank you :)

15 May, 2009


I'll keep the Lysimachia punctata in mind and look it up for photos and see what I can find out. :)

15 May, 2009


it could be a evening primrose i have a rash of seedlings this year from a bird drop last year it looks very similar it is a stunning plant bright yellow an about four foot tall

16 May, 2009


I did have some evening primrose in the garden....I remember that now.
I also had some swans neck...or is it goose neck...can't the garden. Hmmm...primrose...could be. I had yellow in there.
hmmm, thank you. Now I'm thinking it is either the primrose or the swan's neck.
thank you

17 May, 2009


Definitely what you call 'Gooseneck', Shaylaina - 100% certain, as I have this and went and had a look at mine yesterday. It is indeed Lysimachia (but not punctata, ) it's Lysimachia clethroides, the white one, and it still spreads like fury!!

I love it, though.

17 May, 2009


I think your right :)
It can stay then :) I'll find some homes for some of the little plants coming up. It is a pretty white flower on it :)
Thank you

17 May, 2009


They were gooseneck :) I let some grow and kept pulling others.

10 Sep, 2011


Thought so! ;-)

11 Sep, 2011

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