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What do folk use for staking Paeony's?

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

What do other members use for staking Paeony's?

This year my two year old Paeony's now have several flowers opening and have grown tremedously in height (3-4ft). I bought a ring type for one of them, but it only supports them half way down and they are all flopping over now. I tried staking one of them with canes but think I'm going to need several now and it's not a very good look. I also have some younger Paeony's that the rings actually might help with as they are only about 1ft. I think I better get some of those asap.

I wondered what members on here find effective and could recommend please.



I found I had so many individual blooms it was not possible to stake everyone - would look awful. I cannot find a metal support high enough so I now put four canes around the outside and interweave twine in and around the canes and stems, but its not ideal. So like you hope someone has a better idea.

19 Jun, 2012


We use something similar to Drc's idea to stake our cosmos - set four tall-ish stakes in a square and stretch a piece of 6" wide square plastic mesh between the stakes. The mesh can be raised up the stakes as the plants grow, or more mesh can be added higher up. If you don't like the sight of the stakes sticking up higher than the plants, maybe decorate the tops with garden ornaments?

20 Jun, 2012


yo can get ones that have 2 uprights with a semi circle of metal along the to of various heights. i also have a complete ring one with 2 rings , one at 1' and the second at 2' from the floor. both do well.

20 Jun, 2012


I have my bowl of beauty upright at 4 feet tall with 2 lots of green garden twine moved up gently as they grow. The plant has stayed upright in spite of a squally day that detached my neighbours large climber and trellis.

20 Jun, 2012


Where did you buy your supports Seaburngirl?

What have you attached the garden twine to Dorjac?

20 Jun, 2012


garden centre and they are often advertised too as links stakes ?

20 Jun, 2012


Thanks - have seen those link stakes but always wondered what you do when the flowers grow taller than than the stakes. Had to put some 3ft canes against a few of the different height Paeonys tonight - heavy rain forcast tomorrow!

20 Jun, 2012


Oops - that last comment was mine but don't know how I suddently became Iciar????

21 Jun, 2012


I have several rather ancient sets of link stakes. I mainly use them for my Penstemons, as they can sprawl about. I just leave them there for as long as each Penstemon lasts, they are so long flowering it is worth a more pricey way of propping them up. It is a shame with peonies,they are so beautiful, then along comes heavy rain and bows them down.......vive la garden twine(::!!!!!

21 Jun, 2012

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