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To use manure now or later

Ceredigion, United Kingdom Gb

Have you had any luck planting native hedgerow from bare root plants, and should I dig some manure into the soil now to condition it or dig it in just before I plant the hedges in autumn. Or should I do both because the soil I have is a mixture of sand and clay with slate and stones ( not very good) which tends to be wet as well, plus it's a very windy.



My neighbour bought whips and encased them in the plastic growtubes most seemed to be growing ok, quite slow but sure.

Where are you keeping the plugs and have you potted on?

20 Jun, 2012


Hi Pam, sorry didn't answer sooner but was busy cutting back my hedges as they are half way over the pavement :) I've not heard of grow tubes that's a good idea I was going to get tree guards because of my rabbits.
I'll see if I can get those, the place I may get them from said the whips were slow to grow but would be stronger in the long run.
My first choice was 3 thorn hedges aprox 5 ft high I thought great that will keep the cats out and birds would be very happy but of course I forgot the delivery charges would be so high because of the soil so it was £120 .00 lols
As for my plugs I am keeping them on a sunny window :( (it's pouring down ) and have potted them into small coir pots.

20 Jun, 2012


Me again I make my questions too long - so I am going to see if I can write a blog :)

20 Jun, 2012


If you buy bare root plants in the autumn there won't be much soil though.

20 Jun, 2012

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