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Getting rid of earwigs????????
Are there any old wives tails as to how to get rid of earwigs. Veg oil in water is one idea but is there anything else. If a spray, which is reccommended?



A small flowerpot on a stick filled with straw or shredded paper - they crawl in and you can dispose of them at will. Thats about as old wives as I do!!

20 Jun, 2012


I can't add to any wives tails as i'm sure there are plenty.
Now I know what I'm about to say is barmy, but I do in earwig season go out for an hour or so every night when it gets dark with my torch and tweezers killing the little blighters. The neighbours expect it now and don't call the police to report a prowler anymore !!!
The thing about earwigs is they are a bit thick. You can tell during the day where they have been by looking where the damage has been caused. Then, low and behold, at night they come back to the same spot where one is waiting for them.

20 Jun, 2012


Thankyou both, I went out with tweezers and picked off 28 earwigs, checked the upturned pots and found another 8, a good nights catch, thankyou.

22 Jun, 2012


I have visions of - myself included - midnight wanderers with torches - using their eyebrow tweezers for earwigs, scissors for slugs and snails being thrown over hedges into the road - what are we like!!

22 Jun, 2012


After experimenting with earwig guinea pigs I have found wasp killer is also an earwig killer.I had a problem buying an earwig spray but found this was great and quick.

25 Jun, 2012

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