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By Samjp

Staffordshire, West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hey all got a couple of plants I'm not sure what they are. Keep finding all sorts in my OHs front garden - its a wilderness out there lol.

Anyhoo the first plant is a rather enormous shrub (in dire need of a drastic haircut me thinks). This photo was taken in April (I think) when it was flowering. Any ideas:

The second plant I think is a Rhododendron, but my OH keeps saying it isn't. Its got loads of buds on that look they are going to burst into flower at any moment.

The last plant is a low growing plant, looks familiar but I just can't place it. By the way the flowers go with the silvery leaves not the green (told you it was a wilderness lol)

Any ideas much appreciated :)

Bush_at_bottom_close Rhododendron_maybe_6_6_12 Img_0478



Not sure for pic 1
2 rhododendron
3 Cerastium (snow in summer)

20 Jun, 2012


Only 1 I'm sure of is snow in summer, The first pic is lovely x good luck and have fun clearing the wilderness x

20 Jun, 2012


Hello Samjp

Could #1 Be spirea The Bride ?

The flower looks right. I think they look awful when left unpruned for to long, but stunning when kept in line.

Gattina has one in her garden pictures that looks stunning.

21 Jun, 2012


I agree that no 1 is sprirea, i was told bridal wreath as the varietal name , only because the lady who told me many years ago used it in spring wedding bouquets.
2 & 3 also agree a rhododendron and snow in summer.

21 Jun, 2012


Thanks guys, hit the nail on the head there.

Glad you all agree with me on the Rhododendron - just you wait till the next time OH disagrees with me lol. He didn't even recognise the Foxglove (in full flower I might add) thats sprung up in the front garden. He thought it was a weed - albeit a very pretty weed lol.

Ahaaa Spirea thats it. I had a look at the link you posted Pimp, wow Gattina's spirea is gorgeous. But the picture that has me convinced is one SBG posted a couple years ago. Looks almost identical to mine.

SBG thanks for that bit of trivia, its a lovely way to get a name for a plant isn't it.

Snow in Summer, thought it looked familiar. Thanks guys :)

Lol thanks magnadoodle, I think I need all the luck I can get. Went out for a bit last night. Seriously considering hiring a turf cutter now lol.

21 Jun, 2012


Your last photo is Cerastium and loves a sunny spot and very dry and poor soil.

I have loads in the garden as well.

21 Jun, 2012


Thanks geertrudia. It's great to be able to put a name to the face so to speak.

21 Jun, 2012

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