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what could be causing my tree peonys not to flower they are around 5yrs old



Hi Mcenery have they ever flowered and, if so, have you done anything different to them since then? Oh and, sorry - welcome to GoY!

21 Jun, 2012


I wondered that too MG. Are they in full sun/shade? Do you prune them to keep them in check? Do you feed them with growore for instance? Sorry about the questions but hopefully they will help us answer your question better.
welcome from me too.

21 Jun, 2012


Interested in this as my own 5 or 6 year old (seed grown)tree peony did not flower this year although it did the year before.As suggested and without further info pruning may be the cause.

21 Jun, 2012


First welcome to Goy Mcenery

I too am interested my one is now into its 6th yr and last yr if bloomed for the first time a nice yellow then it got broken in the gales we had .

Its got 5 buds but they are not opening for me.

22 Jun, 2012


Hi! Tree peony on my profile pic. Flowered in third year, two massive flowers but only one this year and not as impressive. I have mine in a large raised bed (3 ft deep) with full sun in afternoon. Have not pruned except to take off dead flowers. Following this question with great interest as I'm very keen to see hints & tips!

22 Jun, 2012


Well we need some answers from Mcenery to proceed!

23 Jun, 2012

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