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Difference between Foxglove and Lupin



They are very different,foxglove flowers are bell shaped and hang down have heart shaped furry leaves,lupine are taller, flowers point upwards and can be white through to indigo in the wild, the leaves are segregated and fan like on lupins lots of pix on here if you do a search using box above :)

21 Jun, 2012


Weeel, lets see. Foxgloves stand tall and straight and have soft, furry leaves. Lupins are more bushy and the leaves are not furry but divided into fingers.
Foxglove flowers are a soft purple and you can slip a finger into one like a thimble. Lupin flowers are more like those of the pea.
Any help?

21 Jun, 2012


Two completely different plant families Foxgloves are Digitalis, family Plantaginaceae and the majority of them are biennials. Lupins are part of the Fabaceae, pea, family and are perennials. Leaves and blooms differ as already described.

21 Jun, 2012


Slugs and snails love lupins for lunch but aren't so fond of foxgloves, no digitalis for dinner. :-D

22 Jun, 2012


Good point Sarra,hence me having no lupin again this year, waiting for the natives to set seedto try again next year, loads of wildly pin round me and they are stunning, every colour imaginable....

22 Jun, 2012

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