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Compost Question 2 :>)


By Mje

Cheadle Hulme Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks to all who are helping me re compost bin and soil... New question just for info. My instuctions with my new compost bin is not to use potatoes skin. I am very surprised re this comment. Can someone tell me why just out of interest that it says that?
regards Michael



oh dear, I put potato skins in all the time. My compost seems fine but someone here will know the answer.

17 May, 2009


If you have an eye in the peelings with a bit of flesh behind it will grow into a potato plant. so i suppose that is the reason. otherwise no problem.

17 May, 2009


Well I have a cousin that wont put in potato skins, and his reason is that the eyes would sprout in the compost....Personally, I wouldnt worry about that and I always put them in my own compost

17 May, 2009


I get them coming up all over the place , I stop putting them in when my bin is half full so the ones in the bin have plenty of time to rot down,I hope this works if it doesn't next year no potato skins for me.

17 May, 2009


We put potato peeling in the compost - though it is rare that I peel a potato! As folk have said above just make sure there isn't a sprouting eye, if there is rub it off first :-)

All gardening it trial and error, What works for us might not work for you and the opposite also applies... have fun enjoy your garden and your growing this shouldn't ever feel like 'work'

17 May, 2009


I put Peeling into my bins, and if they sprout thats great, i usually get a Panfull of spuds for free :) this year I bought a pack of Sprouting Potatoes and planted them in my Compost Bin, as the pile piles up im in effect earthing up.. Thought i would try this as an experiment this year :)

17 May, 2009


Love your answer Daisydee...great idea...will give it a go myself! BTW I always put peelings in my bin and have had no problems so far.

17 May, 2009


I put peelings in my compost all the time with no problems of sprouts. I have heard that potatoes are one of the few veggies that will grow in unfinished compost. DD's idea is great and should work well.

18 May, 2009


When I lived in Essex I had a compost bin and regularly put in potato peelings. One year I had a strange plant in the garden - with little white flowers. We had a lovely surprise New Potato Salad along with an August BBQ!

18 May, 2009


Another thing Michael....if you have a shredder....put the shredded paper in it prevents it getting too compacted and gets rid of all the old bills etc....:o)

18 May, 2009


Thanks Youngdaisydee, I think what Wagger & Craztdi suggestions are 1st on the list and great idea re plants on Rose bed so I may do that 1st then think. I bought some plants from the local Church on Sunday so I will take a pic soon and let you comment on where to put them and how i.e front or rear of the empty Bed. Also The idea of Climbing rose and Honey suckle on back fance sounds good. I will treat fence in the next few days when rain stops befor attacjing the boarder with flower. I have also orders a mex batch from Sutton and when they come I will ask for info guys. Thanks to all regards M.
Ps The yellow book idea sound good Jacque and Mageth. Thanks to all for the nice comments but to me its a plain empty garden... :>)

19 May, 2009

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