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How Far Should I Plant My Sweetcorn Plants Apart?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Iv decided to grow Corn On The Cob This Summer & have Planted them out @ 12inchs apart is this enough Room ?



I'm planting mine out this afternoon if the rain keeps away! According to Bob Flowerdew the other day on GQT, the further apart you plant them, the more likely you are to get several cobs on each plant. Must admit we rarely get more than one good cob on each plant. 12 ins is not really enough if you want strong plants with good cobs. If you have enough space give them at least 18 ins or at two feet you could sow climbing French beans amongst them to climb up the stalks.

18 May, 2009


Thanx B il plant them Further apart as Lots of Cobs sound real good to me :)

18 May, 2009


dont forget to do them as a block not rows. they are wind pollinated and do better en bloc.

18 May, 2009


Thanx 4 that SeaB :)x

18 May, 2009


Jacque, as you may know, we've successfully grown sweetcorn here these last few years (for the Wiz of Oz theme, lol!) I space mine 15" apart, in a block of 3 x 4. Don't just plant in a row, but in blocks, as the wind will greatly aid pollination, as Seaburngirl says. We usually get 3 or 4 huge cobs from each plant. Maybe this year we'll be able to pick them and toss straight onto the barbie? :-)

18 May, 2009


Thanx David :) BBQ Cobs Sound Yummi :)

19 May, 2009


If we ever get the weather, Jacque!

Actually, I prefer to pick 'em and eat 'em raw. They are at their sweetest then. Just remember to check for clipshears and woodlice first (which aren't so sweet!) :-)

19 May, 2009


Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww David :/ il make sure i check now lol

19 May, 2009

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