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Why have my bluebells turned white?


By 120938

United Kingdom Gb

I have been given Bluebells from three friends but the flowers have all turned white.Why is this.They were blue in my friends garden.

On plant Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Bluebell)



Are they producing healthy white bluebells or do you mean that they started blue and then changed to white? I have English bluebells that are white in my garden, and also pink ones! If it's a disease, sorry, no idea.

29 Apr, 2008


They have changed from blue to white.

29 Apr, 2008


Were they already in flower when your friends gave you the plants? If so, it may be that the flowers have simply died off as a result of the shock of being moved. If the flowers are healthy, however, then it's a mystery!

29 Apr, 2008


I think you will have to wait until next year now and see what happens. Sorry I don't have the answer. By the way, if you want to buy Bluebells, you do know to buy them 'in the green' and not from bulbs, do you? They are like snowdrops, you get a much higher success rate doing that!

29 Apr, 2008


They were still green when I planted them and I have had them about four years always white .But they look really healthy flowers.

29 Apr, 2008


Very odd. Maybe they had a shock or saw a ghost....LOL. Sorry I have no more (sensible) ideas. I reckon - just enjoy!

29 Apr, 2008


I heard once that in some plants the color of the flowers has to do with the acidity or composition of the soil...maybe it's that way for bluebells? Just a thought!

29 Apr, 2008


I suspect some cross polination's gone on. I don't know where they came from but I had lots of bluebells some mauve some white as well as blue of cause. I went to a lot of trouble to dig 'en all up and replace them with ENGLISH bluebells. They're not as prolific but much nicer. On official forms today you have to say you're born in the UK, you can't say you're English so as a thoroughbred Englishman I like to be able to say ENGLISH Bluebells.!! OK so I'm bias. Lol

22 Oct, 2009


I'm wondering the same. This year my undisturbed English bluebells are white. All of them. Which is only about 5 different clusters of them, but still! I love the color of the blue ones. I have Lily of the Valley for white flowers.

22 May, 2018


They may have been there in previous years but a natural habitat near us has patches of white bluebells, they have not been moved as its on a hillside near us and the only animals running around would be sheep and rabbits, wonder if its something genetic or to do with the weather

2 Jun, 2018


I have bluebells and 2 different sorts of wild garlic (that often all grow together in the wild) Allium Ursinum has broad leaves and star shaped flowers, Allium Triquetrum has narrow leaves and bell shaped flowers and is often mistaken for white bluebells, try crushing a leaf, does it smell garlicky? If so, you may have been given wild garlic by mistake.Hope this helps 🙂

27 May, 2020

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