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tree lupin

wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

hello all i have a very pretty, thriving tree lupin and it is just stunning however it is already 4 foot tall can anyone tell how big/tall it is likely to get i may have to move it thanks :o)



According to my books, it gets five feet - not a long lived shrub either.

18 May, 2009


oh really ok i shall try and grow some more from the seeds this year, thankyou :o)

18 May, 2009


I have one and its 25 foot at the mo.

18 May, 2009


wow that is a big one. mine got to about 6ft lived for 4 years then died. and i forgot to take seed and regrow it. :o(

18 May, 2009


i can send you some seeds seaburngirl if you like:o)

18 May, 2009


i grow them from seed here at the nursery. each seed will produce a slightly different plant. i collected seed from an old yellow one and it gave me yellow ones, peach and yellow ones but my favorite ones are the odd ones that produce a low growing plant with blue flowers. i have found the yellow ones live longer and have a lovely scent.

19 May, 2009


yes please helen, and i have not forgotten you. it is half term next week so i will be at home with the children.

20 May, 2009

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