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Has anyone got any idea what has caused nearly all the leaves on my roses to drop.? Also, there are small white almost powdery like lesions on the stems about 5 mm round. Others have dark blotchy marks right up the stem. I don't think this is down to Black Spot, but I could be wrong. Help! Any ideas? Thanks guys.



H'm! Tricky! Could be blackspot, could be powdery mildew, could be one of those pesky insects that stick to the leaves & suck the life out of them - forget what they are called but they are a real nuisance! I am not a pro gardener so not sure what you would do about it. Any good looking up the symtoms on the internet? I try that sometimes if I have a query, not always successful, but worth a try. All the best.

23 Jun, 2012


Many thanks Shirlwhirl, I'll turn to the interweb!

23 Jun, 2012


Have just worked out what this is. Hooray it's Rose Canker. Treatable thank goodness. Off to get some fungicidal spray for a calm day.

23 Jun, 2012

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