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I have been trying to locate an Asparagus Fern. It's not the vegetable but a very attractive green trailing plant. I may not have the correct name. I want to put one into a
metal bird cage and hang it from a pergola. Can you please point me the right direction. Thank you.
Miss prim.



If you google "Sprengeri" asparagus fern you will find suppliers of plants and seed

23 Jun, 2012


Thank you so much for the information on the "Sprengeri asparagus fern. I can't wait now to source the information
and have it growing in our garden.
Yours gratefully
Miss prim

24 Jun, 2012


You're very welcome!

26 Jun, 2012


Hi missprim, just spotted this and I have to tell you that you wont be able to grow Asparagus sprengeri in your garden, it,s a tender plant usually grown as a houseplant, there is another asparagus fern called, asparagus plumosus, which is less spiky looking than sprengeri, with wiry stems which can be trained up a support, or allowed to trail, but this too is tender, if we ever get any warm weather this year, you could put either of them outside for a few weeks, but would have to take them back inside well before any chance of frost, Derek.

26 Jun, 2012


Hello Derek. Thank you for your comment about the Asparagus sprengeri and the info on A. plumosus.
Fortunately I have been on holiday and so have not done anything about it yet and yes if we do get ANY good weather I may be able to find the right one for my garden.
Thank you once again.
Miss prim

16 Jul, 2012

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