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Is it too late to plant Peacock Orchid bulbs?



Hi, they do say Feb to June so I guess that it should be OK, they usually flower in August so the flowering period for yours might be slightly later. I have planted some for the first time this year and they are shooting up nicely, it is suggested that once they start to come through to keep them well watered and that will help them bloom. If you look on Bloomers questions from last year there is a lot of good advice about how to care for them and store them for next year. Good Luck...

23 Jun, 2012


Many thanks Marion1. I'm going to try planting them today and as they only cost me £1, I haven't got much to lose! :-)

24 Jun, 2012


Yes I only paid £1 per pack so I got 3 packs but I will certainly get more next year and just plant them in swaths at different times so hopefull they will flower all summer long as they do look gorgeous and are relatively easy to grow, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I get a lovely show of flowers.

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks Marion1, I planted mine yesterday, so fingers crossed for both of ours!

25 Jun, 2012

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