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Clematis - can you plant another one in the same place?

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I am about to remove a Clematis (Dorothy Walton) which is a purple/blue colour and wish to replace is with my new Clematis Viticella Kermesina which is deep red. Are they like roses, where you shouldn't plant one in the same place as one has already been? I will repostion the Dorothy Walton in another area of the garden, the bed I wish to put the Viticella is having a colour scheme change from pinks and purples to reds and yellows to brighten the garden up a bit.

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No, I have had no trouble in planting a new Clematis where one has already been. However, bear in mind that they are greedy plants, so prepare BOTH sites really well with lots of rich compost, even well-rotted manure at the bottom of the hole (then covered with soil). Also don't forget to plant deeply, this helps to encourage new shoots from the base in case of Clematis wilt. Good luck with the colour change! Post some pictures for us, won't you!

29 Apr, 2008


Thanks. Got next week off and will be getting the border in ship-shape. Looking forward to a whole week gardening!

30 Apr, 2008

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