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What is this plant? Any ideas?

Maine et Loire, France Fr

It came from a small shrub with tiny black berries growing in a cultivated area near the chateau in Saumur, central France last September. Looked interesting. Took a long time to germinate. Has red stem. Looks a bit like a polgonum perhaps? Any ideas?




It doesn't look familiar, maybe we'll have to wait til it flowers.

17 Jun, 2009


I've finally discovered what it is! It's a Phytolacca americana or better known as Pokeweed.
It grows in the southern states of the USA and even though it's very poisonous, the young leaves used to be cooked as a salad.
I'm hoping it's not invasive as I'm planting it by the river here. I think the winter frosts will stop it becoming perennial unless anyone else knows better.

19 Jun, 2009


I wouldn't call Phytolacca 'a small shrub' ( but I'm only 5' 2"!). And the berries are as large as peas. An interesting plant and worth a go, you can always remove it later. Don't think it's invasive in UK,but you could always cut it down before the seeds are shed.
Apparantly in USA it's considered a major pest!

22 Jun, 2009

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