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My laburnum tree was planted 3 years ago and has splendid luxurious upper growth. However the roots still seem unstable. How can I promote strong root growth?



Hi I have the same problem, I lost one in the gales last year just toppled over, and last week managed just in time to tie the one remaining one with rope to the fence.

Both would of been 6 years old, must be a Laburnum thing with weak roots in the early years ??.

Be intresting to find out properley though , knowing this I have tied mine in using a small piece of hose pipe going around the trunk then rope in two seperte places its just to akward to replace the original stake it had plus I am minful I may damage the roots in the process.


24 Jun, 2012


All I can find out re this is the advice that 'young trees may need staking'. I imagine the problem is not so much the tree or how its planted, but climate change - we now get gales and strong winds during the summer months quite regularly, when the trees are in full leaf, and if the ground is wet, or the soil light, trees are much more likely to be blown over or uprooted. So I think the advice given should now be 'must be staked for the first few years'. As for promoting strong root growth, there's not much you can do to make a difference - time will help.

24 Jun, 2012


That makes sense Bamboo we never used to get these howling gales in summer until recently.

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks for that advice. Have bought a new and stronger stake today, lets hope this sorts it out.

24 Jun, 2012


I would try starting with smaller plants, and training them to multiple stems, especially in a windy area.

27 Jun, 2012

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