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By Whirl

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have climbing fusias which i have grown from plugs they are growing lovely but havent flowered yet do i have to do anything ? like pick the middles out or take side shoots out

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Nope, just leave 'em - not sure when they'll flower if they were 'plug' plants, but probably later than they should because of the weather this year.

24 Jun, 2012


If they were only plugs when you bought them they might take a while. You could try feeding them with tomato fertilizer. I find it good for them since it is high in potassium, and that's what plants need for flowering.

25 Jun, 2012


My fuchsia plugs flowered last year, as far as I can recall. Even though it was very dry. By the way this fuchsia does not really 'climb', it just grows tall and needs to be tied in as it grows. Quite a nice flower.

25 Jun, 2012


thanks to all for replies very helpful

25 Jun, 2012

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