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Hi Everyone - just wondering if anyone out there might be able to offer some advice?

Recently I have noticed a little green frog in my garden. A couple of weeks ago he popped out to say hello when I was watering a pot of Agapanthus on the far side of the garden. Today he/she (if indeed it is the same frog) is now close to my front door and seems to be quite happy in a pot plant with a succulent of sorts in it, on the terrace. I created a little pond for him/her - which you can see in one of the photos below - but he went right back to the pot plant. He is about 1.5 inches in the body and bright green - very pretty.

My concern is that I feel he should be living in a pond or a damper place than one of my pots.

Anyone able to tell me more about this type of frog? Is he happy where he is or is he dramatically off course??? (In case it helps, I live in Menorca and it is very hot here at the moment - 32 degrees today).

Many thanks, Nina.

Frog_1 Frog_2



He is obviously very happy in your plant pot so let him live there! He'll soon move out if he's had enough. He's very sweet by the way.

24 Jun, 2012


Goodness he is well camouflaged in there isn't he? Dinky....

I should think he'll be fine if you can keep his little pool topped up.

24 Jun, 2012


What a little cutie as Cammomile says he/she will shift if not happy.

24 Jun, 2012


Oh bless!
I agree, hopefully he'll keep the pests down for you

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks for all your comments - I hope he eats mosquitoes as they are rife this year. I will keep his pool topped up with fresh cold water daily and try and see what he does and where he goes ... I will let you all know! Nina

24 Jun, 2012


Nina don't use tap water as he wont go near it...

24 Jun, 2012


Hi Moon_grower - I'm on well water here - do you think that is OK? The only other water I could offer would be bottled water ... what do you think? Nina

24 Jun, 2012


You lucky thing, he is lovely and is so well hidden :o))

24 Jun, 2012


Well water is great Nina! Tap water has too many chemicals in it :-)

24 Jun, 2012


He (?) looks like a tree frog, and will probably only go near water to drink or breed. They prefer to be more or less up in the air, most of the time, not in a pond.

27 Jun, 2012

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