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how do I plant the bulb? all the way under ground or above the ground

Duval/Florida, United States Us

my neighbor gave me some bulb that have the stems on them and he said to plant the bulbs half way under ground is this right?



We don't know what the bulb is, Granny, so cann't give a proper answere. Some bulbs do sit almost on the surface so I would trust your neighbours knowledge.

19 May, 2009


Yes there are lots of different kinds of bulbs but for the majority of bulbs that sounds about right

19 May, 2009


Crinum and Nerines both should be planted with the bulb out of the soil, but most other bulbs should be buried. As Bulbholic says, we need to know what the bulbs are.

19 May, 2009


can you see the original soil level mark on the stems [they will be pale below soil level]? plant to the same depth.
you could always re-ask your neighbour re the planting depth. i am sure they wouldnt mind.

19 May, 2009

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