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Help -Wilting Melon Plants


By Barbb

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I grew 3 seeds of Sweetheart Melon, indoors on window sill. After germination I moved to bench in cold greenhouse. They seemed to do well so when had two leaves, I repotted two of them in deep large pots to continue growth in corner floor of greenhouse. One I left in tiny pot for a friend. Now I see this one is growing ahead in leaps and bounds but my two are wilting badly. They are fully damp as are on terracotta balls. Have I overwatered, placed on floor in shaded area too quickly or transplanted to larger pots too quickly? Can I remedy the situation? Newbie at melon growing, so please advise. Thank you Barbara




Quite likely overwatering. I know this becouse we over water melon seedlings and plants at the nursery where i work and they keeled over.
The temperature could be too hot for them (even if in a shady spot) as they are only young and not able to cope with heat.
Damage when potting on may also be a cause esp if planted slightly to deep. Cucumbers do the same thing for the same reasons! Try removing some compost from the seedlings base carefully and letting the soil dry a little, this may help or there may be no hope of revival, sorry.
A few survived at the nursery after we removed them from the grwoing house and watered carefully.

Hope this helps

16 Jun, 2009

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