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I bought a bunch of white chrysanthemums in Tesco's four weeks ago (£2.99 with the usual 'solution'). Most of the sprays died in due course but a couple of sprays were ok so I put them in a fresh vase and now, instead of going brown, the white petals are turning PINK - please, is there a logical explanation.



yes there is a good explanation. petals are just modified leaves and like most leaves as they die they produce 'autumn colours' the red is one of the natural break down products of the leaf/petal.
quite a few white flowers do this roses are a good example.

25 Jun, 2012


White species of Evening Primrose also do this, as do many fruit flowers. With the mum, it may also be that somewhere in its ancestry is a pink or lavender variety, and the color only shows as the flowers are on their way out.

27 Jun, 2012

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