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Busy Lizzies

Indre, Centre, France Fr

Has anyone had success with Busy Lizzies this year? We have had a lot of failed seeds and I've heard there has been a lot of difficulty with them this year. If anyone has been successful, what is the secret?



I had a lot of failed seeds and those that have germinated have been slow to grow, though they are flowering now. they are in shade and dampish conditions.

19 May, 2009


I don't know about growing from seed but have done my propagating by a much different method-probably frowned on by some! I saved a plant from last summer,potted it up and for the last couple of months I have snipped off longish shoots and put them into water until roots formed then potted them up. As I only had the one plant to work with it has been a quite laborious task as I have had to wait for new shoots to grow.This has been such an acheivement and I am enjoying doing it. Up to date I have aproximately 50 new and for free plants to bed out when the season is right for planting. Sue

19 May, 2009


why would we frown on propagating by cuttings. i salute your industry and hope they thrive in the care you give them.

19 May, 2009


thanks not feeling so bad now in fact quite chuffed knowing I am doing things right. I love plants and gardening but mostly not very up on names and stuff just love seeing the "magic" when they pop up from the soil and create such joy with their beauty. At the moment I have my very large poppies creating a great show. What a pity though that the wind and rain is raveging them. Later on I will put the photo on and share. LOL Sue

20 May, 2009


i brought plug plants and they seem to be thriving.buds but no flowers yet.thy are in a sheltered spot

20 May, 2009


According to our local nursery, there has been a disease this year among busy lizzies and not many are surviving.

20 May, 2009

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