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why do my geraniums have few flowers



Hi Nigel. Not sure what part of the world you are in but I'm in Northumberland and my geraniums appear to be in hibernation mode. Fingers crossed we get some sun and warmth to coax them on :-)

25 Jun, 2012


I think everything is a bit behind with all of the rain.

25 Jun, 2012


Thanks Julie & Marion. I live in cheshire and like you its been horrid here too. My mum grows geraniums and this year they seem to be all leaf and no flowers. It might be the weather but someone told me it was to do with the depth the plugs were planted - too deep = less flowers hence my question.

25 Jun, 2012


Mine are in baskets so I didn't dare plant them shallow or else they would have blown away with all these high winds ;-)

25 Jun, 2012


You could try a high potash feed.....and pray to the weather gods for sun.......
I,m hoping for an indian summer or any summer would do.....

26 Jun, 2012

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