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Last year I bought an astrantia labelled 'maxima'. It produced delightful, mid-pink flowers and was a pleasing addition to a mixed border. But then: in the spring it started to spread. Now it's producing pale pink flowers and spreading everywhere! Have lifted several clumps but what label shall I put on them to sell at our Garden Open on Sunday?

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Did you let it go to seed last year? Astrantias are notorious seeders. If there are no other astrantias in the vicinity, they will be A. maxima as it is a species and will come true from seed.

25 Jun, 2012


And, as Andrew says, seeds like billio!

25 Jun, 2012


Gorgeous, best of luck with the plant sale x

25 Jun, 2012


Very pretty, I may have to try some as I would love it to pop up everywhere in my garden.

25 Jun, 2012


Lucky you Celia, I must remember not to dead-head mine this year! They are much-loved in my garden but i didn't know about their seeding habit. Learn something every time I log in!

26 Jun, 2012


Thnaks to you all for responses to my question about Astrantia maxima. I guess the idea that it was spreading by putting out runners was just poor observation on my part! I shall now go and dig up lots of the seedlings to sell;plants which can be seen in the garden in flower on the day always attract more buyers! BTW, I also have A.Ruby Wedding, which is a cultivar, but is a glorious rich colour amply justifying its label.

27 Jun, 2012

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