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All my runner bean seeds have been destroyed by a thread-like worm , about 1inch long .The most in one seed was five of these . They have reduced the seed to mush inside. I cannot find anything similar in any of my gardening books.I would appreciate an answer. C. North Yorks



white and very thin , thanks for replying

25 Jun, 2012


I've been in contact with Sutton's , Even they were baffled but said they would do some research and get back to me tomorrow.I hope they come up with something positive.

26 Jun, 2012


no phone call from Sutton's, But I did find some reference and likeness to a " snake centipede "only a diagram.I was under the impression that centipedes were
okay for the garden , not these ,.I have been catching them with a "carrot trap",but there is a lot of them and I'm beginning to think that they came with the runner bean seeds. Has any one got any info on these pests?

28 Jun, 2012

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