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Plants to go around my pond


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone recommend some plants to go round the edge of my pond, not actually submerged in water?



Watermint, Mentha Pulegium, fragrant spreading, mauve flowers bees love,
Watercress, get some cheap plants by buying a good bunch of cress, pick out 6 of the strongest shoots and place in a glass of water they will root in a few days.
Iris Laevigata
Stunning looking plant, does not take over, ideal in shallow water. Lysichitum
Camtschatcense. White skunk cabbage.
Lobelia red leaved. also some trailing plants are nice, frogs and newts will climb up these into cover.
Various Iris, depends on the size of your pond, the native yellow iris needs a large pond, there is a smaller blue variety, i inherited a small blue one with the most beautiful inner markings, and there is a plain blue one too.

5 Jul, 2007


Loosestrife! (Lythrum salicaria) I have grown some from seed, the purple 'wild' sort, but you can buy some lovely bright pink varieties - I have one called 'Robert'. There are grasses which enjoy damp conditions, e.g. Glyceria maxima variegata, which is pale green/ white stripes, but be aware that this one can be invasive! Candelabra primulas would be a great choice! There's also 'Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' which has red, cream and green leaves and small white flowers. Very attractive if kept under control (not too difficult). Hope this helps!

5 Jul, 2007


If you can get some marsh marigold, it forms a clump of large buttercup-flowers, early flowering ,and it's like havibg sunshine in the garden It's the one plant I really regret leaving when I moved.

5 Jul, 2007


if you like grasses and unusual one is Dichromena colorata {white star grass}

6 Jul, 2007


Thanks for all the great replies.... I like really like the grass ..where would I get it or the seeds to grow it?

6 Jul, 2007


I looked in the RHS Plantfinder for you - Glyceria maxima is 'widely available' so should be in many nurseries, the one suggested by Grindle is known as 'Rhynchospora colorata' There is only one nursery in Yorkshire listed as a stockist. It's in Whitby: Perry's plants YO21 1RR - phone no. 01947 810329. Hope this helps.

7 Jul, 2007


Depends what the conditions are like around your pond! Mine has a bog garden at one end - which obviously is v,. damp, but the rest is bordered by sleepers and is a very dry bank! So i have tried to put plants in that will enjoy the conditions but look quite damp/jungly - like Crambe cordifolia (big leaves and sprays of tiny white flowers, Gaura lindheimeri (white flowers all summer - drought tolerant) Dierama 'Angel's Fishing Rods'(tall ones with mauve flowers, shorter with pink) Kirengeshoma palmata (lovely foliage and yellow bell flowers) and the gorgeous grasses Stipa arundinacea (orange/copper tints) and Stipa gigantea (golden oat grass - large but excellent for seeing the setting sun thru!) A beautiful edging plant for damp/wet/dry is Lysimachia nummularia - evergreen, golden flowers and vigorous. good luck!

11 Jul, 2007

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