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do all virginia creepers get berries on them?


By Zandra

United Kingdom Gb

my hubby would like to put a Virginia creeper against the wall i wounder if all species if this plant get berries on and although i think the plant is lovely is it a good idea!and is there much maintenance.



Well they do get berries, but they're fairly insignificant. As for maintenance, I speak as a professional gardener for years whose heart would sink to my boots at the sight of a virginia creeper invading guttering at the top of a house and getting into the attic. They're lovely, but will clothe a house wall up to 3/4 storeys and you'll be cutting it back from the windows and the roof. If you've got a garden wall that's high and wide, not against a house, okay, but you'll still be hacking it back once it gets going ....

20 May, 2009

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