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can any body please tell me what this plant is??


By Tt82

it was left behind by its previous owner and i have no idea what it is.
many thanks




If it's actually a houseplant and not one of the Cordylines someone's decided to keep inside as a houseplant, it's commonly known as ti tree, but is actually a Dracaena marginata and it looks like yours is var. "tricolor" or "Colorama". I mention Cordyline as a possibility because there IS one that looks like this, and Dracaena usually has narrower leaves. So you could work it out by measuring the width of the leaves - if it's Dracaena, I wouldn't expect them to be more than a quarter of an inch, maybe fractionally more, wide, but Cordyline will be a good half to three quarters of an inch wide and the leaves will be stiffer. Dracaena's leaves are quite soft and slightly floppy in comparison. Good luck with it!

20 May, 2009

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