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30ft long privets 6ft high want rid of them replaced by a fence help will pay reasonable price

On plant privet problem



I think the best thing would be to look locally in newspapers or shopwindows we're all gardeners offering advice but not practical help I,m afraid.
Hope you find someone its a big job.

26 Jun, 2012


The key thing is to get multiple quotes and preferably from people who have been recommended to you.

There are an awful lot of cowboys and rip off merchants out there .

I'm a professional gardener and I'm amazed at the prices people get quoted for simple tree shrub removal.( I don't do larger tree/hedge removal because i haven't got a trailer to take away the large amount of material this involves)

One lady who lives next door to one of my customers was quoted £50 for the removal of one 10 foot conifer. The next quote was £250!

Make sure you get the quote in writing and that it includes taking the hedge away.

26 Jun, 2012


Cheaper to dig them out gradually yourself, have a skip for a couple of days.
It took me an hour to dig out an old Buddleia last year.
ended by sawing through the tap root with a small £6 pruning saw. It didnt grow again.
Or pay male relatives ? Unemployed young chaps would work for £15 an hour - cash.

A 10ft high Conifer in this area is £400.

27 Jun, 2012


In my area £8-10 per hour for basic labouring( North Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire border)

27 Jun, 2012


i don,t need them taking away will that reduce the price

27 Jun, 2012


It ought to because it will take them alot less time to do the job.

I've done a few tree/shrub removal jobs and it can take almost as long to load and unload a vehicle of the debris as it does to do the pruning /digging up.

I think your best method would be to put an advert up in a local supermarket or post office asking for a labourer to do the job. There is no skill involved in what you waqnt doing ,jusat hard graft.

Do you see any large teenagers walkning past your door you could pay say £7 per hour to. That would be well above minimum wage for them. Do your friends have any unemployed young fit teenagers or young adults?

27 Jun, 2012

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