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Rhubarb going to seed

Washington/WI, United States Us

Why would rhubarb go to seed already in the beginning of May? This is the first year. It was planted last summer



the production of a flower is normal. just trace it back to the crown and cut it off. the plant will be fine. the edible stalks will be getting stringy as the plant ages.

20 May, 2009


I've been growing rhubarb for years, never seen it "go to seed". Plants only produce seed after flowering, and I've never seen a rhubarb plant flower either. You sure its rhubarb?

20 May, 2009


I notice all the rhubarb around us is going to seed early this year, a natural course but as SBG says, just cut it off, dont let it go to seed.

21 May, 2009


Your rhubarb will be fine. You can still eat it even after it has flowered. Just try to choose the thinner, younger stalks as they get stringier and tougher after flowering, the older they get.

22 May, 2009

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