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Can I repot my fig tree now?

Herts, United Kingdom Gb

I have a beautiful large fig about 8 years old apprx 5ft high and 3ft across (it is in a pot 20" round 15" depth) it has quite a lot of leaves but looks far too big for the pot! shall I repot it? and if so what size pot I am a newbie gardener and need advice! Thanks in advance

On plant Ficus carica



Hi Kittywispa, sounds like a great tree.
Iv'e owned my fig for about six years. I repotted my Ficus bangladensis in June two years ago, and it suffered no harm. The pot is 11" deep and a diameter of 16". From mid June it stands outside and is brought indoors when the nights get colder.
I bought the tree off a market stall as a bonsai (more like a chopped down office fig and bunged into a far too small pot).

30 May, 2009


Hi stjohn,
I will have a go at repotting it this week its stuck fast in the pot so I will have to break the pot
I also got my fig from a market it was small for a few years then last couple has got quite big! I had lots of figs but none edible yet! thanks for your reply

30 May, 2009

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