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What is this Palm tree? and how do I look after it.

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I inherited this lovely Palm tree, it is 16ft tall, what is it's name.and how to look after it? It has several new shoots growing from it through the soil, what are they and what to do with them?




This tree is beautiful.
I'm not sure but I think its a Yucca.
Yucca has a smooth, leafless trunk, topped with a dense crown of narrow blue-green leaves. It is native to Texas and northern Mexico, but is hardy enough to survive UK winters. It grows very slowly, reaching around 5m (18ft) over 20 years. It's best planted outside in very well drained soil in full sun or part-shade, or in a container. If grown in a container, protect the plant in the winter as the roots can be vulnerable to frost damage.
Pretty sure its not a cabbage palm or a canary island palm or a dragon tree.

20 May, 2009

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