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How and when sould I prune my Kilmarnock Willow?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I have a kilmarnock Willow of which the branches have grown right to the ground I know I am supposed to prune it but I'm not sure how and when. Can anyone help?




The idea of the Kilmarnock Willow is that the branches do go right down to the ground. I suppose that you could trim the ends of the branches if they concern you but it should not be necessary. As it develops the willow will produce a lot of dead twigs under the crown. This is normal and they can be pulled off.
The picture shows a very spendid border; I like it. However, I do not see a Kilmarnock Willow in the picture. The tree in the foreground looks more like a weeping beech?

21 May, 2009


One prunes all Willows immediately after flowering, so now is a good time. That gives the tree time to produce new growth which will flower next Spring. I prune my dwarf weeping willow back every other year or it gets in an awful tangle.

21 May, 2009


However, as B points out the pix is not of a willow but of a weeping beech - personally I think it would be a crime to prune...

21 May, 2009

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