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my actinidia Kolomikta appears to be dying


By Griffg

United Kingdom Gb

I live in the west midlands and have had this plant for approx. 3 years.The plant appeared satisfactory upto this year. It initially produced buds, which susequently wilted and died.Following this, I pruned the plant quite vigouously.The plant is in a large aluminium tub against a wall in full sun.It has never really trived since I bought it,i.e has not produced the beautiful leaf colour that I expected and which is the norm for this plant.Can you help please.

On plant Actinidia kolomikta



Wilted and died- could of been because a lack of water in flower setting time as it was hot and dry early in the year, or a late frost that damaged the flowers.
It may of outgrown it container, or needs a feed and watering esp. as aluminium tubs heat up in the sun which also may damage the roots growing close to the containers sides.
Try moving it if possible, shading the tu if possbile and feed and water it. Probably no fruit this year but maybe next. If we do get a late frost, it may be best to give it some protetction and allow the flowers to set.

16 Jun, 2009

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